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Mind, body and soul in balance

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Mind, body and soul in balance means being connected. There are so many simple things we can do on a daily basis to feel connected.

  1. Live your passion. - My passion is travel so I constantly find ways to do it and do it often. Do more of what you love and less of what you don't. Take the time to make it a priority. You can either get busy living or get busying dying. It's one or the other so put that energy into what makes your heart sing!

  2. Drink water! - The first thing I do every morning is get up with a big thank you God that I am alive and take a sip of water next to my bed. I want that to be the first thing my body has. I also love having a water station with some of my favorites infused in them like cucumbers, lemons, and fresh mint. Have fun! Get the cutest water bottle and enjoy!

  3. Stretch! - Get up and reach for the stars, find your favorite You Tube station that has an array of videos to select from yoga to basic beginner stretching.

  4. Smile. - The most important outfit of the day is YOUR smile! Be that person who lights up the room with their smile. It's contagious.

  5. Get outdoors! - Smell the fresh air! Be in the moment and allow nature to declutter your mind. Observe the beauty that nature has to offer. Be cognizance of what sounds Mother Nature is offering, hear the birds chirp, see what animals appear. Be grateful and meditate while being outdoors.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you because YOU put YOU first. You got this!

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