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How I (Travel Bug Annie) traveled to all seven continents while having a 9 - 5 corporate job.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

In 2018, I traveled to all seven continents while having a full time 9-5 job in corporate America. This has been one of the biggest questions I get all the time is HOW????? The first assumption is that I freelance, work independently, etc. So, how I did it is very intriguing and I believe if I can do it so can you! Here is my step by step advice on how I did it:

Mindset – Your mindset is everything. I truly believe if you want something bad enough such as travel then no matter what road blocks come your way opportunity will find itself. I remember saying this about five years ago, “One day, I will go to Antarctica. I don’t know how but I just know I am.” I would say it repetitiously and truly believe it would come to fruition one day. I have made numerous vision boards with all the countries I have wanted to visit. Too many times I hear people self sabotage themselves by just believing they could never do this or make excuses as to how it’s impossible, too expensive and so on! As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

You don’t have to be rich! – I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked if I have a trust fund and that is definitely not the case. I believe in utilizing airline points, searching for certain travel websites such as google flights, momondo, skyscanner, secretflying, etc. If you look at travel like a luxury it will always be something you put to the side. The truth is where are your priorities? When I go shopping and I look at the price tag I automatically say that’s a trip, an airfare, lodging. Shift your priorities such as your daily latte. Treat travel like a bill that you must pay. I always am booking something because its a life style and not an option. Change how you think about travel. Money flows where your attention goes!

Be a good worker! – My first year I worked tirelessly to prove to my corporate job/boss that I can get the job done. I made sure to establish myself so that by year two I could start traveling the world while having a full time job. It was very important in my case that I let my boss know how much travel was my number 1 passion. In order for me to pull off all 7 continents in 2018 I knew I was going to have to request for an unpaid leave when I went to Antarctica. In the seven years at my employer I had never asked for this. My boss did know how important this trip would be for me, for my blog, my future podcast, etc. and I was in good standing at my company. This was a huge perk for me to stay with the company and my boss knew this. I had great vacation/holiday time BUT I didn’t start accruing as much in the beginning which brings me to #4.

Be Wise With Your Time! – Being strategic with your time is very important. I mean I remember going to Dublin for the weekend – yes, weekend! Just because I wanted a getaway. I went to China for 9 days only using 5 vacation days by leaving on a Friday night and coming back the following Sunday evening. Learn to stretch your time. I always take vacations and or long weekends away around holidays. This allows me to limit the PTO time I use and have some in my bank for the next one.

Where Did I Go in 2018?

Asia – Singapore, Indonesia & Qatar – March & April Australia – April Europe – France, Ireland and Spain – May, June & July, December North America – USA (traveled to 9 states throughout the year) & Mexico – September South America – Argentina – November Antarctica – November Africa – Morocco – December

Ended my year celebrating NYE and my 7th continent under the stars camping on the Sahara desert!

My amazing camp grounds in the Sahara.

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