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One Evening In Bosnia

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Last August as I was in the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, a flood of memories hit me. I started remembering just the other day while I was at the Museum of Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide 1992 -1995. I had spent about five hours there watching videos, documentations, and looking at photos of what the Bosnians had endured during the long 20th century 4 year war.

I started to reflect back to being in America watching all of this unfold on the news as a teenager. Humbly sitting at one of my favorite restaurants in Sarajevo called Klopa. A table for one where I could admire from a distance the locals gathering. In particular in front of me was a table of eight locals. I could hear them speaking the local language. There as I observed them laughing, toasting, exuding contagious smiles to one another, and having a normal life subtracted by an unimaginable fear. I was succumbed as any empath heart could be by an overwhelmingness of love and gratefulness for FREEDOM. A word that should never be taken lightly but how often do we?

Tears began to stream down my cheek as I started to think how lucky I am to be in a peaceful Bosnia now observing the latter. Observing and feeling FREEDOM. A valuable lesson reiterated to always be thankful because in a split second it could be taken away. That was one of many moments that was so empowering on this trip. It is why traveling and learning about other cultures are so important to me. It's also why at times traveling solo is necessary in order to take in and appreciate your surroundings.

The next time you get to come to Sarajevo or any part of Bosnia & Herzegovina observe not just the friendliness this city exudes but the freedom of being able to walk around a place that was once in turmoil. Embrace FREEDOM.

Thank you to the city of Sarajevo for their warm welcome and the wonderful staff at Klopa. I look forward to my future return!

The capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo, has permanent blood splatters etched into the ground as markers of where mortars have killed people during the Yugoslavia War. Walking on the streets of Sarajevo you can find them scattered all around. A very powerful statement to never forget.

*Solo dinner at Klopa with yummy local Bosnia wine and local baked lasagna.

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